100% Business Integrity in Design and Installation with Continued Customer Engagement Beyond Project Completion

Our process is designed to make your transition to energy independence as simple as possible.

Filling out the online quote request provides us with all of the information needed to estimate the initial cost and future savings of your customized solar system.  Find the Online Quote Request HERE

Once the quote request has been received, we assess your energy consumption based on figures provided and installation options using satellite imagery. Go Simple Energy will then design a customized solar system that meets your desired financial goals and present a detailed proposal for your review.

During the site visit, we will access your roof to take detailed measurements. At this time, a shading analysis will be performed to determine sunlight and shade coverage throughout the year. This information is used to generate a precise financial projection of the electrical generation capability of the proposed solar system.

Once a contract is in place, plans will be submitted to your local municipality for approval.  Upon approval,  materials are ordered and your public utility company is notified. Installation of your new solar PV array is typically completed within the month and actual install time on your home is usually four to five days.

Upon project completion, we will work with your local public utility company to complete the Net Energy Metering (NEM) application. This will provide you with grid connectivity for your new solar PV system. At that time, we will execute our unique “Project Performance Verification” to verify your system’s performance.

Go Simple Energy can provide Live Monitoring, which allows you and GSE to observe production and performance of your Solar PV system in real time. This software will report this information to GSE and to you, if you’ve opted into the monitoring emails. If you decide to opt out of the live monitoring option, you’ll still be able to track your system’s operation via the inverter display.