Go Simple Energy has strived to provide the best products that the solar industry has to offer. It is well known that the solar PV market is saturated with merchandise from hundreds of manufacturers, foreign & domestic. Go Simple Energy has thoroughly assessed the market for the best products based on multiple criteria listed below:


    The quality standard with panel and inverter products varies immensely in the solar market. This is why Go Simple Energy has taken the time to isolate products that are known to be constructed with durability and longevity in mind.


    Go Simple Energy stands by companies that stand by their products. When we see a long lived business like SolarWorld USA (circa. 1988) offering outstanding warranties on their products, we are confident when offering that product to you.


    The renewable energy market is full of start-up level product businesses. Some of which thrive while others turn belly up before their 10th anniversary. For this reason, Go Simple Energy exclusively chooses products from long lived and well established businesses.


    Improvements are made to solar products continuously. Go Simple Energy keeps up with the market by routinely assessing product trends, reviews, and product specs for the latest and greatest solar industry products.


    In order to provide the customer with a fair and reasonable cost for their solar projects, we select between the highest quality products that provide you with the best financial returns that solar has to offer.

Through this process, Go Simple Energy has decided upon a very specific product offering of SolarWorld USA and SunPower PV panels as well as SMA America string inverter products. We are confident that all of your solar needs and expectations will be met and exceeded by these products. Click on the logos below to learn more about the products offered from each company.